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  1. Hi,
    Im wondering how much a report will cost on my home.
    Its located in the township of Stockport, approx 20 mins north of Gawler.
    It was severely damaged by flooding from a local river.
    I have not as yet accepted my insurance settlement offer.
    I have had an independant builder give me an estimate for restoration of the homes interior that was based upon the scope of works estimate provided by my insurance company.
    I have some concerns about their view of required repairs. The whole house filled with grey water to approx 1meter depth and I have a fieldstone cellar that was fully submerged. Interestingly, their scope of works entirely ignores the cellar completely. Not a single cent, despite the damage to the stairs, walls and structural steel.
    Due to the assessors poor management of my claim, the home was not cleaned or even dried adequately until 6 months later. Rusting of cellar ceiling/suspended slab steel has resulted. Black mold also grew in the house due to their delay in adequately drying the home. Insuranxce eventually sent someone to remove more plasterboard, dehumidify and clean.
    The house has been unlivable for 4 years now and I have a lawyer working to help me bring this to an end once and for all. It has been a nightmare for me. I have been paying a mortgage on a ruined home and after the first 12 months covered by insurance, rent as well. As you would expect, its killing me financially, and in pretty every other aspect of life also. I need the peace of mind that the settlement I eventually accept is fair and ensures that no nasty financial surprises await me after their cheque clears.
    I would like an independant expert opinion. If you could advise me of the cost for such a report I would really appreciate it.
    Thankyou for taking the time to read this.


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