STRASSESS offers a wide variety of civil and structural engineering consulting services in the specialised field of Forensic Engineering.

Services provided by STRASSESS include, but are not limited to, the following:

Structural Assessments:

STRASSESS can carry out structural assessment investigations to report on building deterioration, condition and structural integrity and the causes, risks and consequences associated with the structure. Once investigated and diagnosed, the appropriate remediation works can be specified and carried out efficiently.

The timely diagnosis of structural issues can prevent further damage and costs being incurred. STRASSESS can further assist Clients by managing repair works.

Expert Forensic Engineering Investigations & Reports:

STRASSESS has extensive experience in forensic engineering investigations, delivering professional engineering consulting services to legal and insurance clients. Services include expert reports and expert witness services.

STRASSESS have qualified Structural Engineers with years of experience in the inspection and diagnosis of structural damages and failures.

A thorough and comprehensive site investigation is undertaken to identify the cause of damage to the structure or building. A detailed report documenting the observations made, together with a professional opinion on the cause of damage is provided to our Clients.

Scope of Works Reports:

STRASSESS can prepare and provide the Scope of Work, a formal document that describes the work activities, deliverables, quality requirements and conditions of a building remediation project.

Often a Scope of Works Report accompanies a Causation Report. It contains methodical building or structure remediation and repair advice, often accompanied with a detailed specification and drawings.

Emergency Response to Disasters and Catastrophic Events:

STRASSESS are proud supporters and sponsors of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services and Auswide Emergency Services.

Unlike other service providers, STRASSESS are available after normal business hours to support and assist in cases of urgent need where rapid response is critical. STRASSESS can urgently attend site and conduct a structural survey as required, so as to advise what actions are required to make the building or structure safe and enable emergency services access.

Building Defect Reports:

Building defects are faults in the original construction or problems subsequently triggered by faults in the original construction. Building defects can also result from inadequate workmanship on repairs during the life of the construction. A professional building defect report from STRASSESS can identify the cause of damage or compromise to the construction using forensic methodology, and if necessary provide support for any claims made.

Building defects are a widespread problem and can seriously impact the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of structures. The remediation of building defects can be a complex matter with often many stakeholders and contributors involved in the assessment and decision-making process.

STRASSESS are highly experienced at identifying and addressing building defects, and liaising with building owners to ensure the most efficient remediation results.

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